Sheet Masks

Where have these been all my life? Seriously, where?! I (like most girls, I think) view skincare as a necessity. However, it’s one of those things that you just “have to” do. I can’t tell you how many masks, creams, moisturizers, etc. I have in my cupboard.. But there’s A LOT. I try with the best of my ability to use them all, but let’s face it (no pun intended) no one has time for all of that.

So I’ve begun investing in sheet masks. All I can say is that these are debatably just shy of the eighth wonder of the world, or maybe the best thing since Velcro or sliced bread.

I’ve tried several versions of the sheet mask, ranging in price from approximately $1-$7. There are sheets masks that I’ve seen that are in a higher price bracket as well, but I have not tried those out as of yet. Based on the sheet masks that I have tried, it does seem like you get what you pay for. The $6-$7 range masks are on softer towelettes and they really seem to have a lasting moisturizing effect on your skin. Also they just seem to fit the face a bit better than their inexpensive counterparts.

I still purchase the cheaper sheet masks on occasion just to save a few dollars, but in a perfect world where money grew on trees, (yes, please!) I’d be buying the better quality ones all the time.

Photo Information: Sheet Masks – Forever 21, Ulta, and Sephora.

6 thoughts on “Sheet Masks

  1. I highly recommend trying out some Korean brands, which is where I think the trend originated. I just had an order of Etude House ones come in. They make my face feel so soft and there’s a lot of leftover essence for me!


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    • I would agree wholeheartedly. Korean sheet masks are cheap–$2 to $4 apiece, usually–but of excellent quality. I use sheet masks three times a week. I tried a Forever 21 sheet mask (bless, I do love me some Forever XXI), and I wanted to claw it off my face. The Koreans started the sheet mask craze, and they are definitely doing it the best. I would suggest going to, as they have an excellent selection. I’ve really liked both the Tosowoong and Innisfree masks.

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