Thred Up

With National Recycling Week coming to a close, I wanted to share a secondhand clothing app that you can send your retired apparel into as well as purchase from… like an online Goodwill, but so much better because you can get cash for your donated clothing.

So Thred Up is an online fashion resale app that sells secondhand apparel for women and children. You can purchase gently used and brand new (with tags attached) items for up to 90% off of what they originally sold for in stores. 

They also buy secondhand clothing items as well, which is perfect for when you need to clean out your closet. You order a “clean out” kit, fill it up, and send it in. I’ve sent in three bags as of this post and have received somewhere in the ballpark of $30. Not much, true… but it was for items that I wasn’t ever going to wear again, so looking at it in that perspective, it’s a pretty good deal. A cleaner closet and an extra $30 bucks.

So get those closets cleaned out and replace some unwanted clothes with something new.

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One of the most prevalent apparel items seen this summer, whether it’s meant to be under the radar or not, is the bralette.  Usually peeking out under over-sized tees or flowing blouses, these frilly undergarments are making their mark in more than just the lingerie department.

Some of my favorite stores that have enabled me to stock up on several of these lacy apparel additions this season include:

  • H&M 
  • Forever 21
  • American Apparel
  • Urban Outfitters
  • American Eagle (Aerie)
  • Nordstrom 
  • Free People
  • For Love & Lemons

Depending on how much you are willing to invest, the above list has options for every budget.

Photo Information: Lace Bralettes – Forever 21



Let’s talk socks! With the dozens upon dozens of sock options out there right now, it is just silly to be wearing the same ol’ basic white sock. It just simply won’t do! 😉

There are socks for the cutesy, for the quirky, for the pattern-obsessed, for the animal lovers, and foodie fanatics. Whatever your thing is – there’s a sock to represent it.

So get out there and embrace your sock game!


Photo Information: Top Photo – Socks by Forever 21, Middle Photo – Socks by Happy Socks, Bottom Photo – Socks by Skater Socks, Shirt by Time Los Angeles, and Glasses by Dolce and Gabbana.

The It Color of the Moment – Blush


Blush! It’s everywhere! What a great color; so glad it is in abundance right now. Also one of Pantone’s colors of the year, you will start seeing (if you haven’t already) this color all over the place in apparel, accessories, home decor, etc.

The great thing about this color is that it is SO versatile. It looks great on all skin tones and coordinates flawlessly with so many colors. This is definitely a necessity color to include in your wardrobe. 

Another plus to the blush invasion is that unlike many “it” colors, this one is timeless. It’s a color that will remain in your closet for seasons to come without dating your style.


Photo Information: Ruffled Top from Express (top photo), Self-tie Blouse and Sweater from Forever 21 (middle and bottom photos).